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About Us

We aim to introduce Islam and invite non-Muslims through directdialogue.

Respond to inquiries and questions and refute the suspicions raisedabout Islam through specialized channels, in several languages.

Correcting misconceptions and highlighting the correct concepts.

Providing an integrated educational scientific material aimed at raising the level of awareness of the true religion to non-Muslims.

Web pages

God Words

A website that gives the opportunity to non-Muslims of listening to the verses of the Quran, and have the unique experience of sensing the splendor of these verses while still not knowing its meanings.

About Islam

A website that aims to invite non-Muslims in several languages through the use of direct dialogue, as well as contain Islamic materials that identify Islam, such as video, audio or text.

Fly Card

A website that contains Islamic Cards presented to the Muslim, non-Muslim and new Muslim in several languages, classified as appropriate to the target group.

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